Three printable 2021 desk calendars with one purchase.

In this download, you will get all three calendar options below in a PDF.


1. Clean Font


2. Script Font


3. Watercolor Cocktails


Pages are formatted to three sheets of four 4x5 rectangles for easy cutting down on an 8.5x11 printing paper. Choose your favorite heavy cardstock. Ours is this 100# Hammermill Color Copy Paper. Print, Cut, Display on base of your choice. 


The wooden one pictured came with last year's calendar. If you don't have this, we suggest a base with a 4 inch bottom similar to these:

-Gold Easel

-Acrylic Easel 

-Black Iron Plate Stand


If you don't have a printer, try Fedex Online Printing. Choose a heavy cardstock (80-100 lb) and have them deliver it to your door! You can request cutting but will save time doing it yourself at home.


If you'd prefer to have these as individual sheets and not four to a page, please email Samantha at and we'll get you the calendar in a different format.

Digital Desk Calendar Bundle, All three styles in one

  • This is a digital download, non refundable. Please email Samantha with questions at