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For the price of a Large Bouquet from She Loves Me to a local senior center, you can purchase this original watercolor artwork by Serena Martin.


Painting Title: Fresh Blooms 

Medium: Watercolor on Paper 

Size 5x7; final size in mat is 8x10 

Retail Value:
Asking Price:

Artist bio: Serena Martin is the founder and artist behind the Washington, D.C. based design studio Serena Martin Design.  She specializes in watercolor illustrations and custom stationery designs.  She loves creating scenes imbued with a sense of magic and wonder.  In her personal work, she is deeply influenced by her travels and the myriad of cultures she encounters on her trips.  In her commissioned works, she strives to add that extra touch of magic to her portraits, pet portraits, home portraits and custom maps.  

Website: www.serenamartindesign.com

Contact: info@serenamartindesign.com 

5x7 'Full Bloom' Watercolor by Serena Martin