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Let's try a virtual pointed pen class! Please read this in its entirety and email samantha@paintedpalettes.com with any questions!



This class is for people who have some pointed pen supplies lying around. All skill levels welcome but we will focus on beginner supplies and strategies.


This will be a ~1.5 hour class where I will walk you through my digital workbook (you can print it out as well) and show you exactly how to use your existing supplies. This class does not include any pens or materials except the digital workbook, you have to supply your own or use the list below for recommended products.


If you've already taken my MPP class in person---while I would LOVE to have you in the workshop---you might be bored because we will be going through the workbook page by page like we did the first time around.  Instead, I suggest you tune into my website/IG for some quick tutorials and live sessions.





Best for:  Non-DC Residents, people who have an abundance of pointed pen supplies, people who want to purchase their own materials.



WHAT/Class Description:

In this workshop, you will learn the basics of modern pointed pen. You will have a personalized workbook that allows me to walk you through the step by step process virtually and provides different styles to practice. 


The workshop fee includes a digital workbook, all my knowledge about modern pointed pen, and instruction but you will have to provide the following (not exact items, just recommended pens, nibs, and papers). I will be sharing everything I know about MPP so you can ask your questions and have me look at how you're writing in real time!


Brause 361 Nib or Nikko G Nib are my favorites

Wood +Brass Nib holder OR Speedball holder

Ink (any color or type but this black is one of my favorite brands)

Rhodia Pad

Tracing Paper

Scrap Paper


Sign up to participate in the LIVE Intro to Modern Pointed Pen on Wednesday 4/1 from 5-630pm.


What to do before class


1. Print out the digital workbook from the purchase confirmation (if you'd like). 


2. Order any supplies you'd like from Amazon/Blick/Michael's/Plaza and the suggested list.


3. Make a Zoom account. It will ask you to enter your "business email" but you can enter into a basic free plan with any email. Make sure the email you provide to me is the same one you want me to use to invite you to the Workshop! You may want to download this app to your phone or iPad if you plan to use those devices.


4. Look for the email invitation to join my "Meeting" on the day and time of the workshop. I might send it a few minutes early to make sure we have time to prep but there really isn't a time limit on this so if we start a few minutes late, no worries.


5.  Make yourself a nice beverage before workshop time :)




4/1 Virtual Pointed Pen Workshop, No Supplies Provided