Please only purchase if you're able to pick up in Navy Yard due to shipping timelines.


Let's try a virtual hand lettering class! Please read this in its entirety and email with any questions!




This ticket is for people who are new to Hand Lettering and need supplies.

This will be a two hour class where I will ship you the supplies beforehand and walk you through my workbook page by page to create beautiful lettering. 


If you've already taken my Intro to Hand Lettering class in person---while I would LOVE to have you in the workshop---you might be bored because we will be going through the workbook page by page like we did the first time around.  Instead, I suggest you tune into my IG/Blog page for some quick tutorials and live sessions.





Sam ships you all workshops supplies listed below a week prior to the workshop, including personalized goodies, all pens and paper, and the printed workbook. 


Best for: People brand new to hand lettering, people who need all the supplies 



WHAT/Class Description:

In this workshop, you will learn the basics of hand lettering using four unique pens perfect for brush calligraphy and faux calligraphy. You will have a personalized workbook that walks you through the step by step process and provides four different styles to practice. 

The workshop fee includes, but isn't limited to,

-shipping of all materials and preparation
-a personalized hand lettering workbook with several styles of lettering, tracing paper, scrap paper, 4 unique pens perfect for hand lettering, and a set of postcards to personalize. 

We'll go over the basics so if you are a total newbie...don't worry, you've got this. If you have done some hand lettering before but would just like some more guidance, we can make that happen, too!

*Please note: We will NOT be covering traditional, dip pen calligraphy.


Sign up to participate in the LIVE Intro to Hand Lettering Workshop on Wed 1/27 from 5-7pm EST.


What to do before class

1. As soon as you get a confirmation email, forward it to me and include your shipping address. IF YOU'D LIKE TO ARRANGE A PICKUP IN NAVY YARD AND RECEIVE A FREE GOODIE, LET ME KNOW.


2. Look for your package of supplies! I will be shipping out supplies as soon as I can to ensure they get to you by 1/27


3. Make a Zoom account. It will ask you to enter your "business email" but you can enter into a basic free plan with any email. Make sure the email you provide to me is the same one you want me to use to invite you to the Workshop! You may want to plan to use your computer so you can "record" the tutorial.

4. Look for the email invitation to join my "Meeting" on the day and time of the workshop.

1/27 Virtual Intro to Hand Lettering Workshop

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