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If you've exhausted my Amazon Idea List, I have some new places and things to look for as you continue learning how to hand letter and do calligraphy. These are the places that I shop online for everything I need!

Get out your wallet and let's get to it!

Great place for almost EVERY tool for steadfast prices. The prices never change, which is good for continuity but you COULD likely find it cheaper elsewhere. Super fast shipping and good customer service.

Fav products Hand Lettering:

-Brush pens

-Metallic Brush Pens

-Posca Marker for Faux Calligraphy! Waterproof, removable with alcohol

Fav products Pointed Pen:

-Finetec Pearlescent Colors

-Holders for different nibs

-Nikko G Nib for pointed pen in bulk

-Blue Pumpkin Nib for pointed pen

-Rhodia Dot Grid Paper

Fast shipping, informative blog, what you need for the basics.

All under this category, they have some essential stuff for pointed pen calligraphy:

-Ziller Inks in SO MANY COLORS. Permanent ink, no mixing required.

-Turned wood oblique nib holders

-Nib options!

-Bulk black sumi ink

-Ink Holders, tilted wood holders

-Rhodia Notepads

Ash Bush Ink, Etsy Shop

Several Designer tools that are affordable but give a fancy feel!

-Envelope Space Saver

-Marble Nib Holders

-Plastic Jars for ink

-Tilted Ink Holder

Paper & Ink Arts

This whole website is a money eating time suck. But it's amazing and basically has everything you need!

Toms Studio

The Porsche of calligraphy tools. High end. Beautiful stuff. You won't even want to use it once you purchase :)

I hope this helps and rounds up some new and fun tools for you to start/continue calligraphy or Hand Lettering!

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