Shelf Life: Which lettering book should you buy?

Buying books is overwhelming! Does it have what you need? Does it have fonts you might like? Is it good for beginners or intermediate calligraphers? I've reviewed and categorized 5 great lettering books (out of 1Million so there are still lots out there that might have what you need). Make sure to check out the table that gives you the concise facts about what's inside.


Overall comments and usage:

The Ultimate Brush Lettering Guide by Peggy Dean: This book is amazing! Because the text is in Peggy's handwriting, it is a little overwhelming to the eye. However, she gives you artsy tricks and OVER TEN different ways to make the same letter. A great buy when you're feeling creatively stuck. Follow her on IG for major inspo.

Incorporating Modern Flourishes: Great book for when you've developed/found your style. Enhances your existing knowledge of letter formation to make beautiful flourishes. Not many fonts to choose from but still useful!

The Art of Lettering by Stefan Kunz: Not the best book for Brush Pens and Modern Calligraphy. If you're looking to branch out and try using standard tools (pen and markers) to design beautiful letters, this is a great way to start!

A Beginner's Guide : Lettering and Modern Calligraphy: Pretty standard, easy to use and read! Has some great information for beginners but fonts are pretty standard and not too exciting.

Brush Pen Lettering by Grace Song: Outstanding breakdown of tools, rules, and beginner information. This book has some creative elements like flourishes, blending pens, and faux calligraphy.

Workbook: This is really all this is.....a workbook. Great to use in tandem with other instructional works. No fonts includes but gives slant guide pages, dot guide pages, and lined guide pages for you to choose from.

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