Make Your Own Color Mixing Chart

To maximize your watercolor (or any paint) palette, make a mixing chart! You’ll come up with colors you never knew you could make!

I‘m using Daniel Smith Jean Haines’ Master Set of Professional Watercolors, a small round brush from Case For Making, and Arches 140# cold pressed watercolor paper To turn 10 colors into 100.

To find a similar description, go to

1. First, draw yourself some guidelines. Make a chart to accommodate your colors plus one (10 colors, make an 11x11 chart, 12 colors, make a 13x13 chart, etc)

2. Start by making the vertical column a dark tone of the chosen color, the horizontal row a midtone wash, and the diagonal one a light wash. Get the lighter washes by adding more water.

2. Next, you’re going to prep your chart to start combining colors.

3. Finally you’re ready to mix the two colors that meet on the chart, making the vertical column heavier on one color than the horizontal box of the same mixture.


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