Let Me "Tile" You About Calligraphy on Marble

Ok, all bad puns aside. These place cards are classy, regal, modern, simple, and beautiful all at the same time. I really want 500 million of these to write on. How'd you do this, you ask?!

What you'll need:

1. Hexagon Marble Tiles (you will have to peel the glue/backing off of them when they arrive).

2. Gold Ink ****The Finetec watercolor I used here is water based so it washes off with water, which is not ideal for long lasting letters. If you want to get a more permanent gold for your marble, try Dr. PH Martin's Spectralite Ink OR these permanent metallic Pen Touch oil based pens.

3. Calligraphy Nib and Nib Holder

4. A paintbrush, a bit of water, and a paper towel

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