Antiracism Habit Tracking + Accountability

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

To my white readers:

This is a special edition blog post meant for you. I wanted to share my goal setting resources with you, whether you'd like to utilize it or not. Consume or don't, it's completely up to you, everyone learns and accomplishes goals in their own way.

To my Black and POC readers:

I see you, I hear you, and I'm making changes to become a better + active ally for you.

This post, however, is not intended for you.

By all means, please feel free to consume and send feedback if you want. I'm all ears :)


If you're like me, you're learning that you have a lot to learn about the country's history of systemic racism and how to be an active and genuine, non-optical white ally.

This is the question I have been asking myself....How can I DO THE WORK and hold myself accountable for a longer period of time after the movement "quiets" in the media and life/work pressure resumes?

@brandonkgood had a post recently (below) that made me chuckle and inspired me to create something that would do JUST THAT.

@officialmillennialblack said it best...

This document is for your personal use (share with your list-loving friends) in order to hold yourself/your household/your friends accountable for enacting change in our social systems that have been historically biased against the black community.

I'm learning with you,

this document isn't perfect and will likely change,

I'm not an expert,

and I'm not saying you SHOULD do this tracking practice.

This is simply what I AM CHOOSING to do to habitually become actively antiracist and as with everything else I do, I want to share the wealth.

Here is a very rough roundup of resources to bookmark that go with the tracking book.

My suggestion for use:

  1. Print the first page and think about your 'whys' ?? (Don't have a printer, go online and print through fedex, they deliver!)

  2. Print 1-12 of the monthly outlook so you're prepped for the month/year

  3. Print as many of the weekly breakdowns if that's your jam.

  4. Have a notebook handy to journal additional thoughts and action plans.

  5. Use this compilation of resources to accomplish your goals.

  6. Read, donate, volunteer, discuss, learn, love.

  7. Create action plans based on your learning. Adapt and edit your tracking goals.

  8. And if you'd to talk anything through, I have an ear to listen and would welcome a meaningful challenging discussion.

***ADDED notes:

- "Check on your Black friends"

- Purposefully choose to back/purchase products and companies that back up their antiracist words with actions (even if they aren't Black-owned)

Make your own goals/tasks, too!

Download PDF • 7.90MB

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