15 Minute Loose Watercolor Peonies

In 15 minutes or less, make big loose peonies and leaves with threeish colors

and one brush.

You will need:

Watercolor Paper (140#) cold or hot pressed

Medium round brush


Paper Towel

Paints: pinks, greens

General Directions (use video for specifics)

1. Make three “m” squiggles with pigment. Wash brush and bring in only water to blend out the squiggles Into an ‘arch‘


(if you do the next step too early, it will all bleed together and you will lose the layered petals)

3. Once dry, take pigment and make two more squiggles, blend out with water above the arch.

4. Make an arch below those and now add on four petals hanging down below the arch and blend out to make organic looking petals

5. Below those make a stem and leaves by applying pressure to your brush and releasing, one for each side of the leaf.

6. Once the four petals at the bottom are semi-dry (they can bleed a little with the next step), go in with pigment and make a large petal to fill the arch. Make two little petals on each side, hugging the existing ones.

7. Add contrast if you’d like!

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