DMV Doors Project

DC has vibrant architecture in each of its unique neighborhoods. In an attempt to get to know her city better, Samantha has been illustrating one door from each DC neighborhood to highlight some of their most inspiring doorsteps. Since 2017, she has created 50+ doors and will be putting all 100+ in a coffee table book, which will be made during her Residency with 202Creates.

In tandem with her artwork from each neighborhood, she's going to include a story from a resident in that neighborhood. She started this project to get to know her city better and there’s no better way than through its inhabitants and their stories. So, do you know someone who has lived in the district FOR-EV-ER or has made an impact in DC? Who is that neighbor of yours or family member that loves to chat and tell stories? Samantha wants to meet them, sit down with them, and talk about their lives in DC and how it has made them who they are.

Just think about it… And if anyone comes to mind, send them Samantha's way. She would love to include their story in her book.

Washingtonian wrote an article about Samantha's project. Read it here!

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